Size isn’t everything, and this principle can be applied to bathrooms. If you’re dealing with a limited space for your bathroom, then all hope is not lost. The way the room is designed and laid out makes a big difference to how large the room actually looks and feels to use. So, there are certain things you can do to make your small bathroom look and feel like a good-sized room.

Let’s look at a few design techniques that will help you achieve this.

Go neutral

Decorating your bathroom with lots of loud colors and patterns can make it feel even more cramped and claustrophobic. Instead, opt for pale, neutral colors in your decorating scheme. Pastel colors and shades of white can help to open up the space. If you think the room needs a touch of color to liven it up, then you can choose brighter or bolder colors for smaller details such as the towel rails and bath mats.


Good lighting can really play tricks on the mind and make the space look and feel much larger than it is. Big windows are good for letting in lots of natural light. But, if this isn’t an option, then you need to be strategic about positioning lights in your bathroom. Recessed lighting is a good way to brighten up the room without having lighting fixtures protruding into the space.


Like lighting, mirrors can also play tricks on the mind, as you’ll know if you’ve ever visited a hall of mirrors at a funfair. A large mirror reflects the space and the light in the bathroom to visually open the space up more. Although you won’t actually have more space, it makes you feel less claustrophobic in the space that you do have.

Think minimalist

Having large, protruding decorations and lots of accessories in your bathroom can take up space in the room, both physically and visually. Try to keep your bathroom clear of clutter and decorate in a minimalistic fashion. Anything that sticks out is taking up space, whether that’s actual floor space or just visual space, such as lighting fixtures or decorations sticking out from the wall.

The way you arrange the fixtures in your bathroom can also make a big difference to how big the space feels. Check out these space-saving layout ideas.

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