LED Kitchen Lighting

Lighting can make or break your kitchen design. Our team understands this and can help you show off your new kitchen remodel or renovation with the latest in lighting technology. LED kitchen lighting is one of the hottest areas for kitchen lighting with many options. These fixtures produce a clean light and throw off much less heat than their halogen kitchen lighting predecessors. They are available in different color temperatures, styles and applications. They can be used to replace your recessed can lights, be used in hanging pendant or sconce applications as well as under-cabinet or counter lighting applications.

Other advantages of LED light systems are:

  • They use 12-volt power which makes them completely safe
  • Less expensive than all other types of lighting systems
  • Wires are thin…can be easily hidden in cabinets, etc.
  • Low profile for easy concealment above and below cabinets
  • Fully adjustable dimmers – match the “mood” with the event

Although the technology is new, that doesn’t mean they have to be contemporary in design. There are many traditional kitchen lighting style options for the traditional or country décor utilizing the clean, energy-efficient LED kitchen lighting.

LED Kitchen Lighting Color Temperatures:

LED lighting can vary in color and intensity, so it is important to choose the correct lighting.  Color ranges in what is called Kelvin temperature and ranges from 2700K to 6500K. The warmer colors are in the lower range of the scale while the cooler and daylight colors are at the higher side of the spectrum.  There is no rule as to what to use and is driven by personal preference. Typically the cooler or daylight (5100K) are used in commercial environments or workspaces, but can also be used very successfully in contemporary-styled kitchens.

The warmer colors of 2700k through 4100k are used more in homes and where you want to emphasize the wood or stone tones. A lot of architects and builders use 3500k as a middle ground.

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LED Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Placement of your lighting should be given a lot of thought while planning your kitchen remodel. Utilizing various LED kitchen lighting choices in conjunction with your “activity zones” is a great way to plan. Remember, today you can vary the intensity of your lighting in many cases with mobile apps and cloud-based control systems that allow you to program your environment easily. You can have your under-counter lighting come on when you arrive at home to provide some light when you come in. During the evening, maybe add some up-lighting at the top of your cabinets to wash the ceiling and provide enough lighting to grab a snack but not use full lighting.

When entertaining, go all out with different intensities for the various areas. Create your own lighting masterpiece and have fun with the possibilities!

Here are some typical LED kitchen lighting applications to consider:

  • Under-Cabinet Lighting–wash your countertops with a nice even light. This is a great way to add extra prep lighting, even on existing kitchen remodeling projects.
  • LED Can Lights—replace your existing can lights or add new ones to greatly increase the overall room lighting and energy efficiency.
  • Cabinet Interior/Accent Lights—add lighting to cabinet interiors for your glass door display cabinets or open bookshelf or display shelves to highlight these areas.
  • Range/Cooktop Lighting—washyour cooking area with a clean high intensity light to make your cooking experience sizzle and show off your new cooktop or range.
  • Lighting Under Lower Cabinets—add LED lighting under your cabinets in the toe-kick area to create a dramatic floating effect for your cabinetry.
  • Wall Sconces—use some decorative sconces in the dining area to add dramatic effect. You will be shocked to see all the options available today.

Most importantly—have fun! LED kitchen lighting design can enhance your environment and also your mood. A well-lit area can affect people’s moods, since everyone responds to daylight. Want a more energetic environment? Put some daylight temperature fixtures in. Want a more tranquil environment? Use the warmer color temperatures.

We look forward to showing you examples of LED kitchen lighting applications and how you can incorporate them into your kitchen remodel or renovation project.

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