Getting the Best Deal on Home Improvement in Winston-Salem

With so many options out there, finding the best contractor for your next home improvement project can be headache-inducing. How can you ensure you get the best deal without compromising on quality? Here at HousePro, we have a passion for home improvement in Winston-Salem, and we want you to rest assured that you’re making the best choices for your next home project. Let’s look at the factors you should consider to get the best deal on home improvement in Winston-Salem.

Priority #1: Insured and Bonded

Your home improvement in Winston-Salem needs to be done by a fully-insured and bonded contractor. You’re probably familiar with the idea of insurance, but did you know that bonds are just as important? A bond will protect you from contractors who leave a project half-finished, do a bad job, and more. HousePro is bonded for your peace of mind. Hiring a home improvement company that is not bonded is extremely risky for you, the customer.

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Time is Money

When you hire HousePro for home improvement in Winston-Salem, we’ll respect your time. Contractors have a bad reputation for showing up late, not returning phone calls in a timely fashion, and taking much longer to complete projects than initially estimated. This all means that you’ll spend more money for home improvement in Winston-Salem. Always choose a company that respects your time; it means they also respect your budget.

The Right Experience

You’re probably already looking for a contractor with experience, but are you looking for a contractor with the right experience? For example, do the workers you’re hiring have experience with high-quality tile projects that you want in your home? If they have ten years of tile experience, but have never taken on a complex tile project like yours, they may not be right for you, even if they have the lowest quote. When hiring for home improvement in Winston-Salem, always ask to see a portfolio of past projects.


One of the biggest factors that will affect cost for home improvement in Winston-Salem is the quality of materials you want to use. The right contractor will explain your options in detail and give recommendations, not based on what is easiest to use, but rather what is the best for your project and budget.

A Satisfaction Guarantee

Home improvement in Winston-Salem doesn’t have to be expensive to be done well. When you receive a quote, the price should be for top-quality workmanship. If it’s not what you wanted, will your contractor return to fix the problem? Here at HousePro, we offer a satisfaction guarantee for home improvement in Winston-Salem. You should be able to expect that any work is done to your liking, no matter what your budget.


Home improvement in Winston-Salem – or anywhere for that matter – can be scary, not only because you’re making a big change, but also because you’re allowing strangers to enter your home. Always work with a local contractor you trust, not a handyman referral service who will send any Tom, Dick, or Harry to your home, or a national franchise where workers aren’t vetted.

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