Enhance Your Bathroom With These 5 Features

Tired of a dull and drab bathroom and looking for a fresh new look? Transform your existing bathroom space by changing a few key features. Read on to discover how smart changes can make a positive impact in the style of your bathroom:

shower bench1. Add A Shower Bench:

A shower bench is an attractive as well as a practical enhancement. It provides a spot for you to rest while cleaning up and is a great alternative to bath tubs if your bathroom is too small to support it or you’re limited to sitting instead of laying down. If you’re not inclined to soak it up to your neck in bubbles – or don’t have the space to do so, sitting and daydreaming beneath the soothing spray of your shower can be just as relaxing.

2. Alternative Flooring:

cobblestone floor bathroomBathroom flooring doesn’t have to be all about gleaming white, clinical tiles. For a new look and feel use a unique tile pattern to make your bathroom unlike anything you’ve seen before. As an example, try cobblestone flooring for a rustic, lived in effect. Stone is a perfect contrast against gleaming, modern accessories and fixtures as well as adding warmth and tactility.

3. Built-In Shelf For Showers:

built-in shower shelf

Bathroom storage space is one of those never-ending dilemmas, no matter what size your bathroom is or how many people you have to share it with It seems that there is never enough space to contain the endless bottles of shampoos, gels, lotions and other bathing miscellanea.

Enter the built-in shelf. Practical, and extremely stylish too, a built-in shelf fits in perfectly with your existing bathroom design, which provides a practical solution to that age old problem.

4. Pedestal Sinks:

pedastal sinkPedestal sinks are growing in popularity faster than ever and it’s not hard to see why. They’re a beautiful centerpiece as well as an incredible space saver and when free space comes at a huge premium, you want to maximize what you have. You can also easily find creative ways to add storage space around a pedestal sink, which adds extra room to store away all your bathroom accoutrements easily.

5. Enclosed Steam Shower:

enclosed steam showerThis year, the enclosed steam shower has become the new claw foot bathtub. Embodying relaxation and luxury, steam showers provide a calming sanctuary where you can soak up the hot soothing mist while your troubles melt away. Fitting neatly into awkward corners or angles, it’s easy to add an enclosed steam shower unit – whatever the size of your existing space.

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