Kitchen Backsplash

Whether you are doing a full kitchen remodel or just a small renovation, a kitchen backsplash is an area in which you will achieve high design and value impact. In many homes, the kitchen backsplash is the focal point of the room. There are lots of options here with materials and design and the trend is toward more dramatic creations. The typical short backsplashes have now been replaced with full height backsplashes which are allowing this new design trend. Don’t forget to add some under-cabinet LED lighting to accentuate your new backsplash. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through the options. Have fun and allow the artistic side of your personality to be creative!

Kitchen Backsplash Material Options

Tile Backsplashes

By far one of the more popular choices is tile. Because of the vast selection of materials and installation methods, you can mix and match materials, colors and designs to create a kitchen backsplash unique to your home. Choose from porcelain tile, glass in gloss and matte finishes, real and synthetic stone tiles as well as hand-painted and computer-printed options.

Typically one type of tile is selected as the primary tile, or “Field Tile.” Then you choose an accent tile or tiles. For example you can incorporate a metallic or glass tile to be inlaid every so often to add interest to the design and tie in color from the rest of your kitchen design into the kitchen backsplash. Want to tie in the appliances? Add a brushed stainless tile. Want to add in a color that ties into the wall colors? Try a glass tile inlay.

Tile Border and Molding Tiles

Border or molding tiles are a great way to break up a kitchen backsplash design with different areas or to cap off an area which may not have cabinetry above. A common application of the molding tile is to frame out a mural behind the cooktop or range. These tiles are available in glass, stone, porcelain, ceramic and more.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is a very popular choice right now. There are countless shapes, sizes and colors from which to create your masterpiece. Want a more traditional look for your kitchen backsplash? Use a subway tile shape with a matte finish glass. Something very contemporary? Try a multi-sized linear pattern using various shades of color and finish sheen. These can be very stunning. Something over the top? Try an iridescent mosaic pattern with some great lighting on it…you won’t be disappointed!

Kitchen Backsplash Murals

Murals are a great way to add personality to your kitchen backsplash and overall kitchen design. These can be hand-painted by an artist on natural stone tiles, then sealed for protection or actually computer printed on the same material. If you have a picture from your favorite vacation spot, etc., we can have this printed directly to the tile to incorporate a memory into your design.

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Full Height Granite

Looking for an eye-catching, easy-to-clean option? A full height granite backsplash is a great kitchen backsplash option. Typically, the same stone used for your countertops will be used for the backsplash but you can always incorporate an accent stone or border as well.

Architectural Glass

For a sleek, contemporary look, consider using glass for your kitchen backsplash. There are hundreds of options with both color, texture and inlaid architectural glass. These incorporate metals, weeds, fabrics, metallic finishes and much more. The beauty lasts forever and it is very easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Backsplash

If you are going for that professional or industrial-style kitchen look and can’t get enough stainless steel, we can clad your kitchen backsplash in 16 gauge stainless steel with a brushed pattern to tie in with your appliances. This is a great look with a dark granite like Absolute Black Granite. Under-cabinet lighting is also brilliant, reflecting off of this and the countertop. This is a bold but stunning choice.

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