Meditub Walk-In Tubs

The Standard in safe bathing for the aging and disabled.

Meditub 3600 Series Walk-in TubsHouse Pro is proud to be an authorized dealer of one of the largest and highest quality walk-in bathtubs in North America…the Meditub.

With thousands of injuries every year caused by falls in the bathroom, older adults are realizing that they can take charge of their safety and enjoy the security and comfort of an independent bath by installing a walk-in tub. Not only will they enjoy the safety benefits provided by a Meditub, but the extra features that are available make it an affordable luxury! Who doesn’t want a bit of luxury in their life…especially when the walk-in tub is accessible in one’s own home, 24 hours a day!

There are several factors that have prevented senior citizens and those with disabilities or limited mobility from enjoying the benefits of independent bathing. A shortage of special-needs products on the market and the financial constraints of obtaining the proper equipment required to live an independent life has forced many people out of their own homes into special care facilities. The challenges of obtaining safe, affordable equipment has prevented many from staying in their own homes.

Meditub has engineered their walk-in tubs to fulfill all of the requirements for an in-home solution to these problems.

They specialize in designing and constructing walk-in bathtubs and accessories using high-quality materials along with the latest technology and engineering to provide a durable, affordable, safe, comfortable product that will allow a disabled or older person the freedom to bathe independently within their own home.

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HousePro provides unique solutions to enable us to install the areas largest tubs. Where the others are limited on size based on the skill set of their installers, our home remodeling experts can deliver the tub size you want.

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Meditub Quality Walk-In Tub Solutions

House Pro can offer you the Meditub in many configurations, so that we will always have exactly the model and size that meets your needs and space requirements.

Some of the walk-in tub models that we have are Step-in, Curved Door, Retro-fit, Wheelchair Accessible, Tub and Shower Combo, Space Saver and Luxury Showertub. As you plan your new construction or replacement project, please keep in mind that we will provide assistance during your planning phase, so that you will know exactly how a Meditub walk-in tub will fit in your space.

When dealing with older adults and those with limited mobility, a manufacturer must have teams of specialists doing constant research to understand the needs of their customers and how to use the newest innovations to satisfy those needs.

The first question most people ask is, “How does that water-tight door work?” Good question! Meditub’s sealing system forms a hydrostatic seal, when it is fully compressed by latching the door. In addition, the weight of the water from inside the tub adds further compression and it becomes completely leak proof. Meditub provides a lifetime guarantee on the door seal.

The Meditub walk-in tub, in many configurations, can restore lost independence and ensure that every safety feature has been engineered to support and assist the user. No matter what the size or shape of an existing bathroom, there is a Meditub solution that will fit perfectly. A walk-in tub is of the best investments a person can make in their home, since it provides peace-of-mind, comfort and safety that are priceless.

The walk-in tubs that House Pro will provide are constructed of the highest quality, industrial-strength acrylic or fiberglass. With the stainless steel frames and many additional features, they are the best solution to allowing those with limited mobility to remain at home.

The user has the satisfaction of knowing that all Meditub products, accessories and parts adhere to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards and Requirements. These walk-in tubs contain every possible feature to make the user safe and comfortable. The ADA guidelines provide standards for grab bars, molded seats, entry thresholds, materials, proportions and more.

House Pro specifically wanted to provide the Meditub walk-in tub to its clients, because we value our reputation in providing the best quality products available at affordable prices, with the highest standard of installation and service.

Every Meditub walk-in unit is equipped with many basic features to enhance the user’s experience. The large contoured seat, ADA-compliant, provides the maximum safety and luxury. We also offer models that are ADA-compliant with standards for wheelchair access, which offer increased proportions to allow easy positioning within the tub and easy transfers in and out.

The ADA grab bars offer extra stability and safety and all floors have a non-slip surface made with a proprietary texture for additional security.


Aromatherapy Supplies

fragrance from natural, essential oils which have been proven to prevent or treat certain illnesses, stress and provide a general sense of well-being.

Roman Faucet

Roman Faucet Set

This premium faucet set provides an extendable shower head. If desired, the shower head can be installed on the wall to further enhance the experience.

Inline Heater

In-line Friction Heater

Your water jets will keep the water temperature at a constant level to make your bath completely relaxed and soothing.

Hydro System

Hydro Massage Therapy

The Meditub offers a deluxe hydro massage system with adjustable water jets. With one touch of a control button, the user will enjoy a therapeutic, relaxing massage.

Air System

Air Massage Therapy

Using warm air bubble massage jets, with three speed adjustments is just the right solution to relieve a tired, achy or stressed body.



Using colors to regulate body vibrations is a science that produces various characteristics that may be used to improve a person’s health and harmony.


This technology speeds up the drainage time to allow the user to exit the tub in less than a minute.

Easy-access Control Buttons

By installing control buttons in a convenient location, the user can easily choose any of the special features that they have available in their tub, such as air bubble massage or hydro-massage.

With all of the benefits offered by these superior products, we know that you will be pleased with the installation by House Pro of a Meditub walk-in tub in your home or the home of a relative. You can rest assured that you are providing someone with a safe, luxurious, independent bathing experience that they may have only hoped for in the past.

An experienced consultant from House Pro can provide you with a free estimate, at your convenience, and will further explain the products and answer any of your questions. Today is the perfect time to begin your plan to enhance someone’s bathing experience!

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