Bathroom Sink & Vessel Options

Sink and Vessel Installation, Winston-Salem, NCBathroom remodeling projects often involve new sinks, and they can serve as a great tie-in for the overall room design. There are a variety of options for sinks and vessels for use in your bath project that can suit any style.

Under-mount Sinks

Mounting from underneath the counter, under-mount sinks are ideal for when specialized counter top material is used, such as marble or granite. This allows more of the counter top to show, even around the upper ridge of the sink, and gradually fade into the sink area itself. The edges are hidden, making the design flush with the counter top itself. This gives the entire sink area a very crisp, clean look, and can be easier to clean and maintenance than other designs.

Drop-In Sinks

Drop-in sinks attach to the counter from the top, and are identifiable by the lip that extends over the edges of the sink. This is a very common design, and includes sinks made in a variety of materials including steel, copper, ceramic, and even glass. This design is fairly easy to maintain, but can be slightly harder to keep clean than an under-mount sink because of the raised edges.


Ceramic sinks are one of the most common sink materials, having been used predominantly since the 1800s. Ceramic material is durable and relatively easy to clean. This type of sink appears in a variety of shapes and sizes and will suit most bath designs in terms of aesthetics and space consumption.

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Copper/Brass Sinks

Copper sinks bring a warm, pleasing tone to the bath. While less common than ceramic, copper sinks have been used for a long time and often appear in memorable designs. As copper ages it takes on a slight patina, which many people believe adds character to the surface.

Glass Sinks

Glass sinks can be very eye-catching because of the way colors are reflected as water pours against them. Glass sinks are often colorful, and can even be matched to the color of the counter for a seamless looking design. This design allows for similar durability to other materials, and the smoothness of glass tends to make it easy to clean.

Glass Vessels

Glass vessels are somewhat similar to glass sinks, with the major difference being that vessels sit atop the counter. They are usually recessed into the counter a few inches, and create an elegant and striking impression. Glass vessels appear in a wide variety of colors and designs, which make your sink and counter area a focal point in the room as an art form in itself.

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