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Bathroom MakeoverIn many homes, the bathroom is the last room to be considered for a makeover, yet it is one of the rooms that can add value to the home both for the current occupants and when the home is ready for the resale market.

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Upgrading just a few details in a bathroom can convert it from a dark, outdated, utilitarian room to a bright, fresh, welcoming space. When a homeowner is considering updating the bathroom, it is important to consider that a small investment will reap large rewards!

Your family might as well enjoy the advantages of an upgraded bathroom, rather than waiting to update until you are ready to sell the house…thus allowing the next owners to enjoy the benefits of your expenditure!

There are several instances that usually prompt a homeowner to upgrade a bathroom…the current space may be too dark, outdated (obviously stuck in the 70s or 80s), lacking space, in need of new fixtures or flooring, or it just may be a lack of personality and not reflective of the décor in the rest of the home!

The simple change from outdated tile colors or wood paneling to fresh paint and/or new tile color and design can bring a bathroom into the 21st century! Bathroom remodeling is one of the simplest changes that you can make in your home to refresh the interior design. It can incorporate the colors and style of the rest of the home, but can have a personality of its own.

Depending on the problem that the homeowner is attempting to resolve, there may be very simple changes that will achieve the desired result. Just changing the fixtures can give the room a new look and save precious space.

Older homes were not built with a master suite that incorporated the bathroom into the master bedroom. Depending on the layout of the current bathroom, it is sometimes possible to adjoin the bathroom to the master bedroom without moving the plumbing lines. In certain situations, it is possible to knock down the wall that separates the bathroom from the master bedroom, move the entrance from a hallway into the bedroom and create a popular, desired feature in the home, without a huge cost.

Some homes were built with very small windows in the bathrooms, but today’s homes are all about bringing natural light into the living areas. Enlarging an existing window or adding a skylight can bring new life to an old bathroom and give the home the appearance of being much newer than its actual age!

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Many homeowners are faced with an unplanned change in the number of occupants…grown children returning home or elderly parents moving in. It is possible to add a bathroom in a former attic or bonus room space, in order to accommodate more people in the existing home, rather than moving to a larger home.

40's Style Bathroom Makeover

40’s Style Bathroom Makeover

Maybe you are just bored with a “plain Jane” bathroom. The builder provided a basic bathroom with all required fixtures, but NO personality! Replacing some tile on the wall or floor, changing from a tub to a shower or upgrading the existing fixtures to modern styles, including a more water-efficient commode, will give the room a “personality transplant!”

If you as a homeowner, have decided to “age in place” and stay in your home through retirement, you may decide to add the luxury and convenience of a walk-in tub to replace the tub that is becoming more difficult to safely enter and exit.

It is possible to upgrade a bathroom with a very small budget or to create a lavishly appointed spa setting with a larger budget. It is amazing how extra space can easily be achieved by replacing a tub with a shower, changing a vanity sink to a pedestal design or simply rearranging the room.

A dark, drab bathroom with wooden paneling and little light can be transformed into a light, airy, welcoming space with a few changes in paint, tile, lighting or windows.

Bathroom makeovers are a popular way to add value to your home, update the interior to present the home with a more current “look” and yet keep the investment within your budget requirements.

Amazing results can be obtained, no matter what your budget restrictions are. At HousePro, our expert consultants will come to your home and offer excellent advice and options for your unique requirements. Every home has its own personality and should provide its owners and its visitors with a comfortable atmosphere and a vibrant personality in every room…including the bathroom!

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