Tile is a multipurpose material that can be used for walls, floors, and more. It’s the perfect material for bathrooms, because it’s better at handling water and moisture than other materials such as hardwood. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use tile in your bathroom.

Shower tile

Tile is a popular choice for in and around your shower, both for the walls surrounding your shower and for the floor if you don’t have a tub. Tile is water-resistant and easy to clean, making it the perfect material to handle a shower environment.

If you opt for tile for the floor of your shower, it is important that you go for a non-slip tile to avoid slips and falls in the shower. This is especially important for elderly residents. Glossy tiles are more slippery than other options, so it is best to avoid a high-gloss finish for the base of your shower. Textured tiling provides more traction to avoid a slippery surface. Shower tile can also be treated to make it more slip-resistant.

Floor tile

Tile is also popular for the floor of the rest of the bathroom thanks to its water-resistant properties. This means it can handle the water and steam that the room often experiences, water is easy to clear up from the tile, and cleaning the tile itself is a simple task. A number of materials are used for bathroom floor tile due to their non-porous nature, such as ceramic and porcelain.

Other materials, like travertine, are also used as bathroom tile despite being more porous than other common tile materials. However, these materials can be treated to make them less porous and more suitable for use in the bathroom.


The backsplash is the surface behind your bathroom counter that protects the wall behind it from water damage. Tile is most commonly used for this aspect of the bathroom. It obviously needs to be water-resistant to protect the wall, but beyond that, you have a greater amount of freedom compared to choosing shower and floor tile. This makes it the perfect place to express your creativity and add some flair and personality to the room. Check out these creative styles and ideas for bathroom backsplash tile.

With tile suitable for installation all around the bathroom, mixing and matching your bathroom tile can be a really fun part of your bathroom remodel. For ideas and installation of bathroom tile, contact us at HousePro Home Improvement for our expert advice and services in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, and their surrounding communities.

Published 12/28/17