As we age, our needs start to change in a variety of ways. Most people won’t want to completely uphaul their lives when they get older to move to a house that suits their needs, but sometimes it is necessary. The elderly might need to move to a bungalow, for example, if reduced mobility makes climbing stairs more difficult.

A better option is to complete aging in place renovations that make your home suitable for living in as you get older and your needs become more complex. At HousePro Home Improvement, aging in place bathroom renovations is one of our specialities. Find out about some of the ways that you can update your bathroom to make aging in place easier.

Non-slip tile

Glossy tile can be slippery, especially in the wet environment of the bathroom. Materials that provide more grip are an important part of bathroom design for elderly residents. Rubber and cork are good options for this purpose. If you want to stick with traditional tile materials, then they can be made textured to provide additional grip.

Grab bars

Another way to mitigate slips and falls is to install grab bars at certain points around the bathroom. This helps you to remain stable while you shower or move about the room. Grab bars are often placed inside of the shower unit and on the way out of it, as well as around the toilet.

Walk-in shower

A walk-in shower gives you plenty of space inside the shower unit and also makes it easier to get into and out of the shower if the bathroom floor continues on the same level into the shower. This improves comfort and reduces the risk of trips and falls.

Comfort height toilet

As mobility decreases with age, it can be useful to have items such as your toilet seat positioned slightly higher. A comfort height toilet is usually around two inches taller than a standard toilet, making it easier to use for anyone with low mobility.

The aim of aging in place renovations is to make sure that your home can meet your needs in the future as well as right now. If you need any help with aging in place bathroom renovations, then contact us today. We offer a free design consultation to assess your current and future needs. We are based in Kernersville, NC, with services also around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and their surrounding communities.

Published 1/31/18