7 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Owning your own home means that you can’t call your landlord whenever there’s a leaky pipe or hole in the wall. Whether you plan to hire a pro or do it yourself, knowing a bit about home improvement can help you ensure that your project goes smoothly. Here are the top home improvement tips you need to know as a home owner:

Tip #1: Plan to spend 15% more than you think the project will cost.

No matter how big or small your project may be, you should expect to go over budget. Figure out what the materials and labor (if you’re hiring a professional) will cost, and then add at least 15%. If you’ll be opening up walls, you may want to estimate even more in case there are any surprises. If you don’t need that money, you’ll have a nice chunk of change for your next project, and if you do, you’ll be glad you set it aside.

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Tip #2: Know how to shut off your utilities.

Don’t tackle a plumbing project without shutting off the water or an electrical project without shutting off the electricity. Know where your breaker box and shut-off valves are, so you can complete projects safely.

Tip #3: Spend time on maintenance to avoid big projects later.

A little maintenance today means fewer headaches later. Spend your home improvement money on actual projects that will increase the value of your home, rather than fixing problems that could have been avoided. Make a checklist of monthly and annual maintenance to perform, and stick to your schedule.

Tip #4: Find out if you need a permit before starting.

Every city and state has different requirements. If you opt not to get a permit when it is required in your area, you could get shut down and receive hefty fines.

Tip #5: Use the right nail or screw for the job.

It can be tempting to use whatever’s in your junk drawer, but using the right kind and size of your nail for your project is important. What kind of surface are you nailing or screwing into? Are you hanging something heavy? Will you hit a stud or only dry wall? Will the nail or screw be exposed to the elements?

Tip #6: Wear the right safety equipment.

Don’t start any project without the right safety equipment. Goggles and gloves can keep you safe, and if you’ll be working on the roof, make sure you’re using a safety harness. Also, remember to check equipment like ladders and saws to make sure they’re in good repair before using them.

Tip #7: Know when to hire a professional.

Sometimes, it’s better to hire a professional than it is to attempt a project by yourself. While you might be able to complete small DIY tasks, for bigger home improvement projects, a professional can help you avoid major problems in the future.

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